Get yourself an urban Flip Flop state of mind #livefree #liveplayful #getnaked


When looking for a lightweight, affordable pair of flip flops that can endure a tough day roaming the city, founder Jan couldn’t find anything to fit the bill. Passionate about changing the status quo about where and when one can wear flip flops, and driven to bring a bit of fun and cheekiness to stressful city life, Jan set out on a journey to design, test, produce and sell the world’s first urban flip flop.


Bringing the flip-flop state of mind to city and get people to live free and playful.

At Naked Toes we encourage to live free and playful. We aim to support the odd ones out, the ones who dare to live life the way they want to. Those who chase dreams, make bold decisions, those who want to be independent but at the same time don’t take life too seriously. Naked Toes commends the originals.


Life nowadays is hasty and full of expectations. Conformism seems to be the greatest danger in our society. It stifles creativity, doesn’t allow for people’s individuality to shine through and – at its worst – leads to burned out people. People need to understand that they’ve been given one chance. Aspire to break free and escape the rat race.


Founder Jan, his team members and those considered ‘best in class’ in the industry celebrate their love for flips flops each and every day. We not only strive to make the best urban flip flop money can buy, but also to live our lives by own own set of rules; free and playful with a healthy dose of cheekiness. We don’t take life too serious! What we do take serious is the quality of the product and our commitment to never work with companies that don’t share our core values and beliefs.

European delivery

It doesn’t matter where you live; we deliver our Flip Flops to all European countries. #livefree

Shipping cost

Shipping cost are € 3,90 per pair.
Ordered? Relax! We’re not Amazon.
We’re shipping as we drive by a postal office.

Payment: relaxed and secure

It’s possible to pay with MasterCard or with nudes if you want to. #getnaked

24/7 Support

Do you have more questions? Something unclear? We’ll take care of it. #justrelax


Naked Toes HQ
Havendijk 16B
5017AM Tilburg
+31 (0)6 53 77 11 82


Traveling around the word in a van and earn some extra money selling our Naked Toes? Let us know.