Tips for a stress free work environment

We’re all for stress free at Naked Toes! It’s not that easily obtained though. Stress highly depends on the person who’s experiencing it. Every person is different and can be more sensitive to certain triggers. The key to success lies in our first tip. Of course that would be too easy so we put in two more.

1: Communicate

Often underestimated, but equally as important as wiping your ass after a dump. Communicate! If you’re a CEO, human resource manager, operational manager or whatever. Talk to your coworkers. Get to know them. Know what drives them, what keeps ‘m up at night, have a regular brewski or mojito with them. Build a true meaningful relationship with the people who put their heart in soul into the business. Not enough time to get to know them? Resign.

2. Be inspired by Scandinavian companies

A stress free life? Scandinavians are on to it! Once we were rebuilding the country after multiple recessions Scandinavian countries developed a jois de fuck-it mentality. The basically said;

Fuck the 8 hour workday; why spend 8 hours on work related stuff when you’re more productive in six? Sweden companies who introduced the 6 hours workday are experiencing multiple benefits. Fewer sick days, energized employees etc.
Let’s make work-life balance the most important thing yet. Becoming a parent is huge! Sweden offers its workforce 480 days of parental leave at about 80% of their salary. In return the fresh parents return to their job being happy as f*ck.
We introduce a 5 week minimum of paid holiday. Do we need to explain? We all know what it feels like to have a ‘little’ vacation once in a while.

3. Fuel good habits

Want your coworkers to be in good health, physically and mentally? Reward the good habits people have and want to develop. What does a fruit basket cost? Or a room dedicated to relaxing? Give out gym memberships, buy a yoga mat, a swing or a 10 person Jacuzzi for all we care. Let employees take care of their temple.

Needless to say perhaps. But giving all employees a pair of branded Naked Toes might be our best tip yet. Don’t tell anyone 😉